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About The Specialty Group

The Specialty Group was founded in 1978 by Industrial Chemist Peter Leipnik and textile industry pioneer, Norma Leipnik. Since its humble beginnings almost 40 years ago with one small powder coating line and a corner premises in South East Melbourne, the Company has grown to become one of the largest independently owned advanced manufacturing firms in the Country. Currently the Company operates from a 35,000 square foot production facility in Moorabbin, Victoria, across four inter-connected buildings which comprise two fully equipped laboratories, chemical production, textile & glass fibre manufacturing, materials inspection, despatch, and corporate offices. The Company has four state-of-the-art, high-volume, automated and computerised production lines and produces over four million metres of coated, laminated, and impregnated materials a year for some twenty diverse industries including: Building & Construction, Defence & Emergency Services, Oil & Gas, Transport, Mining, Medical & Healthcare, Automotive & Aeronautical, Dairy & Agriculture, Sports & Leisure, Renewable Energy, and others. The Company also manufactures over two million kilos of solvent and aqueous polymer chemicals for both internal material finishing use and external supply.

Australian MadeThe Specialty Group manufactures 100% of its goods and services in Australia. The Company is a licensee to the Australian Made campaign and is focussed and dedicated to the future of large scale manufacturing in Australia as well growing its Australian capability base.

The Specialty Group prides itself on producing and supplying only 100% A grade materials and the Company stands by its products and their long term performance. Every effort is made to ensure that the products supplied and the service provided is of the highest quality available in the market.


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  • Specialty Group named ‘Business of the Year’
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